Friday, July 16, 2004

Tough on crime...

or, don't get sentenced in a high profile case during an election year.

MSNBC - Stewart receives 5-month prison term

NEW YORK - Domestic icon Martha Stewart moved one step closer to a drastically different lifestyle behind bars when the millionaire entrepreneur was sentenced Friday to five months in prison for a stock-trading scandal.

Martha packs a prison travel bag

I'll take mauve bedding, lilac scented soap on a rope, and adobe sconces for the lights, and...  aw screw it - I need 75 cartons of Marlboros, a chastity belt, a case each of lysol and bleach.  And a shiv - will somebody please make me a $#@%@$^%#^$# shiv?!  Somebody tell that punk Sam Waksal that he's my beotch as soon as his sorry a** gets out and...zzzz (valium percocet thorazine cocktail kicks in)

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