Friday, July 29, 2011

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Exactly how

am I supposed to fuck with this guy
I see you, you goddam - er - me damn sinners

overlooking the bed.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

You Can't Kill Stupid

but you CAN give it a different name. Arizona installed Freeway photo radar a couple years ago.  Then-governor Janet Napolitano did not even pretend that this was about safety - it was a budget item with predicted contributions to the state's budget, and there were no points on your license.  Of course, DPS, once it went live, spewed out the usual bullshit about how it saves lives.  Lucky for us, the next goivernor did not renew the contract, and the program died.

To celebrate July 4 "freedom,"  guess who showed up to lie at us:  Photo Radar scum.  This time, It was ATS.

We're from Scottsdale and we're here to "help" you

"Making life safer and easier on the road ahead"
Oh, we're not about tickets or the 40% (+/-) we get on every paid ticket.  We're not about the government contracting out its police power to a private, for-profit enterprise.  We are just here to make your life "easier" by charging you with crimes, ignoring due process, and violating the gift clause of the Arizona Constitution.   We make it "safer" by causing collisions when people see our revenue collection minivans and hit the brakes.  Yay us!  Yay America!

Cloud William Thinks You're All Sheep

Arrest Practice?  WTF?
Where did this happen?  Wait for it...

at the Arizona Celebration of "Freedom," of course